3-year-old boy bullied and called ‘ugly’ for his red hair, his reaction breaks my heart


It’s a parent’s duty to make sure their child is healthy, well and happy. For that very reason, it’s also a parent’s worst nightmare to see their child upset and not well.

You can only imagine how devastating it is as a parent to hear your child ask you the question: “What’s wrong with me?”

That’s exactly what happened to mother Lauren Russel one day after her 3-year-old son had been bullied and called “ugly” on the bus just because of his red hair.

The heartbreaking incident affected Lauren so much that she took to her Facebook page to write a long post. She asked everyone to read it and spread the message that this type of bullying is never acceptable and should be stopped once and for all.

You can read Lauren’s powerful and heartbreaking post below.

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