Warning To All Pet Parents – Popular Dog Toy Claims A Dog’s Life


Owning a pet is a serious business, you have to be sure to feed them well, give them plenty of water, lots of love, and they need exercise too! The best way to make sure your dog is getting exercise and isn’t bored is to buy them toys.

dog and toy
Tragically, some toys are dangerous and may end up hurting your dog. Jamie Stumpf’s dog, Maximus was playing with his favorite toy – a ball that had a large hole at one end.
dog and toy 

Maximus squeezed all the air out of the ball, and his tongue got sucked into the ball.

dog and toy
Maximus’ tongue swelled and he was like that for an extended period of time, by the time he got to the veterinarian, there wasn’t much they could do – Maximus died.
dog and toy
Please make sure if you have this ball for your dog that you don’t let them play with it when you are not around.
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