Experts Weigh In After Photo Of Odd Looking Creature In South Carolina Goes Viral On Facebook


What you are about to see is bizarre and unsettling. Things like this should not be shared with impressionable children and adults prone to nightmares. Why? Because the rumor going around the Carolinas right now is that the mythical and deadly Chupacabra has been spotted and is on the loose. While you may or may not believe in El Chupacabra and other mysterious creatures like bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster, but when you see the photo Doug Stewart posted online, you’ll be hard pressed to come up with a better answer. He was visiting the Santee Cooper County Club in South Carolina this past weekend, when he spotted the gray animal and hasn’t stopped worrying about it since.

The image shows a gray, hairless creature. The image has been shared thousands of times. But while experts try to say that critter isn’t El Chupacabra, public opinion disagrees. The masses don’t think it is a coyote or fox with mange but the legendary beast come to terrorize South Carolina.

El Chupacabra, which translates as “goat sucker,” is a beast of legend and American folklore that apparently targets livestock and sucks their blood.

The name arose after the creature was first sighted following a bloody slaughter of many goats on Puerto Rico.

Stewart’s image is not fuzzy or blurry like many pictures of bigfoot. Instead, you can see the legendary creature up close and personal. It’s quite a revealing shot.

Her was playing golf when he saw the blood-sucking creature wandering the wooded areas around the course.

“Ok…playing Golf in Santee SC. Can somebody pleeeeease tell me what the flock this is!?!? #ThatAintNoDog,” a terrified Stewart wrote on a Facebook post that has since gone viral.

Many people commenting on the image thing it is none other than the legendary Chupacabra. Although this animal is most associated with the Caribbean, Mexico and Central America, it is not impossible for it to have crossed the Mexican-American border.

Some people think the critter is a lot more deadly than a Chupacabra, and that it is a “demon straight from hell.”

A few realistic people can’t believe it is a mythical creature. Instead, they think “It’s a red fox with mange.”

Furbearer Project manager from the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, jay Butfiloski told ABC4 that the animal in the viral image is a canine with manage and that it is probably a fox or coyote. He didn’t mention the possibility that it could be El Chupacabra.

Because it is hairless, Butfiloski admitted that it is “impossible” to identify the specific species of the animal. He would have needed to examine it in person to get the full story behind it.

“Either way, it has got mange,” he said. But he said this bout of mange was different. Usually it just shows up as a small patch of irritated skin.

A parasitic mite causes mange. It spreads to people in rare cases, so Stewart better hope he didn’t too close to this Chupacabra.

With a case of mange this bad, the animal is likely to die from an infection or starvation. Butfiloski thinks that it could die from both.

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