Masked Men Visit Guy Who Tortured Dogs, Cut Off His Ear And Teach Him A Lesson He’ll Never Forget


Some may say he had it coming. But, sometimes people go too far in carrying out what they feel is justice. A 52-year-old dog breeder from Detroit was tortured. He was beaten, and one of his ears was cut off. All of this in retaliation for his suspected involvement in dog fighting. I am just like the rest of the people horrified by dog fighting.

breeder tortured
But ordinary citizens have no right to take the law into their own hands. According to reports, three masked men approached the dog breeder and forced him into his home.
breeder tortured 

In the home, the man had about a dozen dogs living in the basement, he also had 16 dogs living in the backyard.

breeder tortured
All the dogs were filthy and emaciated. The masked men tied up the dog breeder and two other people. Then they tortured the dog breeder.
breeder tortured
The dog breeder suffered broken fingers and ribs. He was stabbed with an ice pick. The three men also threatened to rape his wife and daughter.

breeder tortured
Image Credit: Fox 2

The three attackers took the man’s severed ear and left in his minivan. The man has no connection with dog fighting, according to police.

breeder tortured 

The victim’s brother said he just has a lot of dogs and breeds them. If you have a lot of dogs, you should take care of them.

Sounds like this man wasn’t caring for his dogs – that may have been his only crime. If you suspect someone is doing something illegal, call the police. Don’t take the law into your hands.

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