Restaurant Owner Does Unthikable To Mother And Kids Who Stole From Him


Owning a restaurant can be a fabulous way to make a living when it’s managed correctly, but it can also be a gigantic pain in the neck at times. The work is tough; food costs are outrageous; there’s a ton of labor turnover inherent to the industry; many customers missed out on the various life lessons about the proper way to behave in public; and there’s always the risk that someone is out there waiting to rip you off. This pizza shop owner had to deal with a situation in the latter category recently, but he had an absolutely amazing reply to that which has subsequently gone viral.

As Global News shares, Damian Penner is the owner of Rocco’s Pizzeria in Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada. He recently had an unsettling experience with a family that stopped in for some takeout.

“The lady came in late at night with her kids and placed an order. While sitting and waiting for her food, her children were distracting and causing a disturbance,” he recalls. “She came in with another bag, and then got her children to bring three to four other pizzas.”

All told, the family snagged eight pizzas without paying for them. That can eat into the day’s profits in a hurry, but Penner has taken a different approach to things. Rather than calling the cops, he wants to help the woman. As such, he put out a heartfelt post on social media in hopes of tracking the family down so he could offer up some help.

“You can’t continue to get your children to assist you in stealing, as they are young, impressionable, and still learning,” the post read in part.

Penner could’ve easily called the cops and turned over the surveillance footage to have the woman busted, but he’s against doing that. That’s led to some head scratching in the community, but he seems to be at peace with his way of approaching things.

“We saw someone in a bad situation in their life and I didn’t want to judge this person,” Penner said. “Some people think I am enabling the theft, but I wanted to get a positive message out.”

He would go on to add that his town is a small one, and “everyone knows everyone.” As a result, he knew that would attract scorn and ridicule on the woman, and perhaps much worse.

“The community is here to help,” he added.

That’s an amazingly evolved way of looking at things, and few business owners would see things the same way. It’ll be interesting to see if the woman takes him up on his offer and comes clean for some help, but Penner would be wise to keep the fact that he may be wildly disappointed in the back of his mind.

Perhaps the woman is really down on her luck, but there’s also the possibility that she’s just a thief that subsists off of the fruits of the labor of others. There’s not too much even a big heart such as Penner’s can do if that’s the case.

Source: Global News
Photo: TripAdvisor, Facebook

Damian reached out to the woman on Facebook.


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